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Danny Digital Studios

              Photo & Video Services

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Based in Chicago, IL USA

O'Daniel Kolajo of Danny K Studios has over ten years of professional Cinematography/videography experience and seven years of Photographic experience. The continued growth of this business has allowed him to join forces with a broad range of professionals, to help bring your vision to life.

A message from Daniel:​

“ I work to ensure your vision will be brought to life. It will be filmed/photographed in a fresh but modern, intimate yet unobtrusive style that will help you relive all the moments of your special day over and over. Not only will it be beautifully shot, but it will also be professionally edited into an artful and elegant documentary of any(all) of your important life events. I truly believe that :  “The only way to do great work is to love what you do”-Steve Jobs.  And I truly love what I do! I look forward to being there for you"

Ever since Daniel was a child, he has always been passionate about the art of motion and telling joyous stories through film. The light in human expression has always enthralled him, and there is nothing better than capturing these moments for others to watch and enjoy.


Daniel knew that this was what he was meant to do. He dedicated himself to developing his skill, by diligently working to hone his skills in high school and  working with his church. While in college, Daniel put his skills to work by doubling up as the Director of Cinematography and film for many Nollywood (the third largest entertainment industry in the world) producers.


Daniel was blessed with the opportunity to continue his passions by coming to America and continuing to do what he loves  most. He attended The Illinois Institute of Art in 2010 where he studied Advanced Digital Photography where he polished off his skills.  Ever since then, Daniel has continue to work in Cinematography/videography to bring life to everyday events.

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